About biohealthwaves

Our mission.

Biohealthwaves exists because we know that we have found something truly miraculous. We have found the future of modern medicine.

The products we sell are groundbreaking and we have seen first-hand the amazing results these products can have.

Now we wish to share them with the rest of the world. One person at a time, we hope to rid the world of numerous diseases and problems that we now have solutions for.

We deliver all over the world.

Remember that we provide these products to you because of another company named DEHOLDINGS in Russia.

This company is the source of our products, and we are honored to fulfill their regulations and work together to sell bioresonance products as a team. Their slogan is aligned with our core beliefs: “Mission to cure.”

We fulfill our mission by delivering Deholding’s and Deta Elis’ products all over the world.

We are the bridge of these companies to Europe, US, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Deta Elis devices to Mount Athos

The Deholding team visits Mount Athos with the mission to support the monastic communities by delivering the latest technological medical devices available.

The monasteries were gifted several Deta Elis devices like DeVita AP, DeVita RITM and DeVita Energy Mini devices.

Deholding company - Recognition of Academy of medical and technical sciences

Deta-Elis Holding gained recognition and began close cooperation with Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation and its President – Boris Leonov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Honoured Worker of Science.